Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Provide individualized care for each person who walks into our facility. 

The one-size-fits-all approach is outdated and ineffective. The context around each person’s addiction is unique, so it requires a tailored approach that can dynamically address the root cause of their addiction. For each client that is admitted into our program, we use their personal background, family history, and current environment to design a customized treatment protocol. 

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Concise Recovery Defined.

Concise Recovery Center provides premier addiction detox and recovery treatment from our San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles locations. Our credentialed staff are equipped to handle even the most complex cases, with expertise in addictions from alcohol to benzodiazepines. We focus on a combination of holistic and therapeutic services that treat the whole patient and ease your transition from addiction to sobriety. By offering both detoxification and addiction treatment services, we ensure improved outcomes and minimal stress as you move through the recovery process. Take your life back and call our San Fernando Valley rehab center today.

What Our Clients Say

Concise was so much more than I could have ever expected. The level of love and genuine care expressed by the carefully selected staff is unbelievable. It is not only a place to get "clean" but through the process groups and Ph.D. level brain and addiction education, we as clients are given the tools to live a healthy, long-term sober life. The facility itself is beautiful and absolutely has the luxury amenities to make recovery easier. Yoga and other therapies on a consistent basis. Would recommend it to a family member. Ani G.

Amazing program. I only did 3 weeks with them but couldn't be happier with my experience. Peter B.

Our Expert Treatment Team

Concise Recovery is you-centered. Every modality of our treatment is catered to the individual needs of each person. The motivations behind your addiction demand that a specialized, tailored approach that addresses the root cause. By confronting the core reason behind your addiction, you’ll have the ability to recognize your triggers, establish positive thinking patterns, and establish habits that promote sobriety and stability.

Our Team is here for you.

Dan Aronow, MD

Medical Director

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Ben Aronow is the medical director for Concise Recovery and handles the detoxification and medical aspects of the treatment process.

Riley Collins, LMFT

Clinical Director

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Riley Collins is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and is the clinical director for Concise Recovery, helping plan the clinical care for each client.

Todd Pool

Program Manager

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Todd Pool is one of the program managers at Concise Recovery and helps oversee operations and client relations at one of our residential locations.

Christopher Galien

Program Manager

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Christopher Galien is one of the program managers at Concise Recovery and helps oversee operations and client relations at one of our residential locations.

Nicole Strohm, RADT

Case Manager

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Nicole Strohm, RADT, is one of the case managers here at Concise Recovery who helps manage our clients' needs throughout treatment.

Tamiko Juvinall, RADT

Case Manager

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Tamiko Juvinall, RADT, is one of the case managers here at Concise Recovery who helps manage our clients' needs throughout treatment.

Facts About Concise Recovery

Dedicated Staff
Clients Helped

What Makes Us Different

There are many centers that treat addiction. Not many take a personalized approach with each patient.
Addiction is dynamic; someone’s drug abuse could be caused by their environment, while someone else’s could be caused by their depression. You need addiction treatment that is completely catered to you. For example, if the main driver for your addiction is your mental health, our therapists will help you manage your condition and give you the insight you need to heal properly. The treatment at Concise Recovery meets you where you are and develops you into the person you’re meant to be. You’re so much more than drug or alcohol addiction, and we’re here to help you reclaim every ounce of your self-worth.


You have questions. We have answers. Find the most commonly asked questions and answers below

You can begin the first step to healing by reaching out to Concise Recovery. Our staff is made up of addiction treatment specialists who are dedicated to your recovery journey. Contact us today at 1-866-256-3464 to learn more.

Most insurance will pay for rehabilitation. Concise Recovery works with most PPO & POS insurance policies that offer out-of-network benefits. We currently do not accept Medi-Cal or Medicare. Contact our staff today to learn how you can verify your insurance.

Dual disorders, or co-occurring disorders, happen when a person suffers from a mental health disorder alongside a substance use disorder. The two disorders often feed into one another, creating a vicious cycle that may feel impossible to break. Dual diagnosis is the process of diagnosing both disorders and creating a treatment plan to address them simultaneously. Since a mental health disorder can contribute to addiction and vice versa, both issues must be addressed together to achieve lasting recovery.

After patients have completed the rehabilitation process with Concise Recovery, they have the option of residing in our sober living community. Sober living allows a person to transition back into daily life while living in a safe location free of addictive substances. Residents in sober living communities are expected to look after themselves and keep up with responsibilities such as paying rent, completing chores, and abiding by a curfew.

Relapse is a very common part of the recovery journey. Research has shown that more than half of those who complete rehab treatment for drug or alcohol addiction will relapse within the first year. However, relapsing does not mean you have failed, and with Concise Recovery’s continuous care through our sober living program, you can achieve long-term recovery and keep control over your lifestyle.

Inpatient rehabilitation, or residential treatment, means that patients reside at an addiction treatment facility for a set length of time. With inpatient care, patients have 24/7 access to recovery specialists and can heal in a safe and controlled environment. Outpatient care is when patients receive addiction treatment services but can still return to the comfort of their own homes at the end of the day. Outpatient care allows patients to have a more flexible schedule and still live their daily life outside of a treatment center.

The rehabilitation process can vary depending on your needs and the best timeline to suit your healing. Most addiction rehabilitation programs vary in length from 30-day programs to 60-days to 90-days. Contact us to learn more.

At Concise Recovery, you will start your healing journey with one of our accredited sub-acute detox programs, which take place in luxurious, private facilities, staffed by industry experts. From there, our team will create an individualized treatment plan to best fit your recovery needs. Addiction recovery can include inpatient care, outpatient care, therapies, and aftercare through our sober living program.