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Best Tips for Long-Term Success in Sobriety from Addiction

Building a strong foundation in recovery (sobriety) from drug & alcohol addictions requires a variety of tools and suggestions, here are a few..It is well-known in the addiction recovery industry, rehab business and 12-step world that, the primary way to...

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Steps to Get Your College Student Off Drugs & Alcohol

Parents dealing with drug or alcohol abuse need to learn the suggested path to a successful recovery. Understanding the role of Detox in sobriety is crucial. In this day and age, drugs and alcohol have become increasingly prevalent in teenage years and in...

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Why is Drug Rehab So Important After Medical Detox

A stay in medical detox for drug & alcohol addiction is a great starting point for recovery, but without treatment afterwards it’s much harder to remain sober. Medical detox is a critical first step towards recovery. Research has shown that cravings for...

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Why Health Insurance Only Pays for Certain Medical Detox

Have you ever wondered why medical insurance plans only cover medical detoxification for certain types of drug & alcohol withdrawal services? Health insurance policies that pay for medical detox often limit reimbursement for certain types of substances....

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Welcome to the Freedom Detox Center Website

Welcome to the new Freedom Detox Center website. We hope you find all the information you need to understand the medical detox process. We offer detox for alcohol addiction and drug addiction (opiate painkillers, benzodiazepines, opioids, heroin, meth, etc. in a safe...

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Medical Detox - THE FIRST STEP to Recovery

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