How Do I Find the Best AA Near Me?

If you’re wondering where to find an “AA near me,” it’s best to start off with a general Google search for your area.

Understanding Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

The purpose of all AA meetings is for you to share your experiences, strength, and hope with other AA members. In doing so, members can solve their everyday problems together and support each other in the recovery. Typical meetings consist of hearing members talking about their journey with alcohol and their present lives, while also offering advice and camaraderie with other members. 1 
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What is AA?

Alcoholics Anonymous is an international mutual aid fellowship dedicated to abstinence-based recovery from alcoholism. It generally achieves its objectives through a spiritually inclined 12 steps program. You and others suffering from alcohol use disorder converge at a given venue or an online platform to discover ways to stop drinking or using drugs and help another in a similar situation.

What Does AA Help With?

AA deals with helping members stay sober and also help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.
You may have to learn the 12 principles of AA. These consist of being honest, having hope, surrendering, being courageous, having integrity, being willing to quit drinking, being humble, loving others and yourself, being responsible, being self-disciplined, being aware, and giving service to others.
AA helps you accept your condition without prejudice and also formulate a recovery process inclusive of peer support.

AA Meeting Types

How far you are in your own alcoholic recovery treatment, along with whatever other needs you might have, determine the type of AA meeting you can attend during your recovery. The options available for you include:

Open AA Meetings

Open AA meetings oftentimes seek out members if they know people suffer from alcohol use disorder. Coordinators may reach you or a loved one through third parties such as social workers, doctors, nurses, teachers, public media, or online through “AA near me” searches.
Open AA meetings are available to everyone who may need the AA recovery program from alcohol use disorder. They can also be open to those who don’t have an alcohol use disorder, as sometimes friends and families who want to support or also listen to their loved one’s story will attend as well.

Closed AA Meetings

Your desire to quit drinking after you accept your alcohol use disorder allows you to attend a closed AA meeting meant strictly for AA members and other alcoholics. The meetings typically last sixty minutes. You can share your story with drinking and how AA has helped you stay sober in a closed session.

Closed AA meetings are categorized into themes that cater for different needs, including:

  • Big Book (BB): This enlightens you on the story of AA and how it works.
  • Beginners (B): This is a meeting for newcomers, even though you can attend an AA meeting at any stage. A closed beginner meeting is more comfortable if you are also starting group therapy.
  • Steps (S): Here, you learn and practice the 12 steps of the AA recovery program.
  • Traditions (T): Besides the steps, there are 12 traditions of AA that you can learn about in this type of meeting. 2 

Where AA Meetings Happen

Some AA meetings are private and are hosted in homes, dining halls, or clubs. You can always attend these AA meetings either in-person physically or virtually. Members determine the frequency of their meetings, along with where they’re located and when they attend during the day. You may find more than one AA group near you, irrespective of where you live in most big cities in the US. 3 

In-Person Meetings

These sessions are arranged such that you know the venue, time, type of meeting, and the number of participants before you go to the meeting itself. These often happen in a few different locations:

  • Treatment centers
  • Community centers
  • Churches
  • Office buildings
  • Outdoor settings such as parks or beaches

Telephone and Online Meetings

With COVID-19 restrictions during the pandemic, most meetings were held over the phone or on the internet. You can attend these meetings via Zoom, Telegram, and other sites that cater to AA meetings. Finding them is not hard. You can browse online for “AA near me” and choose one that is most convenient for you. Once you get the meeting details, you can use the provided link to participate. You can even teleconference or videoconference during these meetings.

Common AA Meetings Formats

All AA support group meetings give you many different options and varieties for what kind of meeting you’d like to attend. You can find the following available formats in both open and closed AA meetings.


You have the option of attending an open or closed discussion AA meeting. Here, one of the members acting as the leader introduces a sobriety topic that everyone will then discuss.The group members within that locality set their own meeting guidelines as well. This gives you a clear picture of recovery-related issues you may discuss. Other topics that often come up during these discussions include literature topics from the AA Big Book, 12 steps, traditions of the group, daily reflections, and other issues.


AA speaker meetings are mostly open meetings, where a member or members selected earlier on share as described in the Big Book. Some of these topics include what they were like before alcohol usage, what happened during their alcohol journey, and how they are now.


If you are a newcomer, a beginner meeting is often structured to help you understand core AA basics. A member who has been sober for a while and has some technical know-how about AA leads these meetings. Your supervisor may include you in discussions focusing on steps one, two, and three.

Step, Tradition, or Big Book

Step, tradition, and the Big Book are documented literature about AA and recovery. You can participate in reading these books at the beginning of the meetings as defined in your meeting protocols.

How Do I Find the Best AA Near Me?

Best AA Near Me
You can find AA meetings through third parties such as rehab and treatment centers, hospitals, and online. For quick results while searching online, search some of these keywords:
  • Find AA near me
  • Find AA meetings
  • Find AA meetings near me
  • Alcoholic Anonymous near me
  • AA support groups near me
  • AA programs near me
You can also specify whether you are interested in a men’s only meeting or a women’s only meeting, depending on your comfort level.

How Do I Find In-Person Meetings Near Me?

You can find all the meetings using the AA meeting finder and also through word of mouth, friends, treatment centers, etc. If you are searching online, make sure your search is specific.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism recently launched the alcohol treatment navigator, which helps you find the best treatment and support near you. 4 

How Do I Find Online Meetings Near Me?

You can browse the internet for online AA meetings. Just key in specific keywords and meeting formats you are interested in, and access the many results a search engine will show. For example, you can open an AA meeting finder online, choose your location, and choose a meeting near you. The sites shown are largely accurate to several miles, including walking distances.

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