Meta DescriptionWhen deciding to overcome addiction, completing an addiction treatment program is only the first step on your journey to recovery. Aftercare programs provide ongoing support during the early and often most challenging days of sobriety. Peer support groups are a vital part of a comprehensive aftercare program. 

When people think of peer support groups (or addiction support groups), they quickly think of Alcoholics Anonymous or AA. For more than 80 years, Alcoholics Anonymous has been a critical component in millions of aftercare programs. As important and successful as Alcohol Anonymous programs are,  recovery from alcohol addiction is not the only struggle someone new to sobriety faces. Fortunately, Alcoholics Anonymous has provided the inspiration and building blocks for many other peer support groups. From the tenants of Alcoholics Anonymous, many other peer support programs have evolved to serve specific addiction recovery needs. One such program is Narcotics Anonymous or NA.

What Is Narcotics Anonymous?

Narcotics Anonymous developed out of the need to help those in recovery from substances other than alcohol. Narcotics Anonymous is built on the foundations of the traditional 12-steps with a focus on drug addiction. Narcotics Anonymous meetings are open to recovering addicts in all stages of sobriety. Members of the peer support group provide guidance, support, and advice to other group members. Attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting provides an essential peer support structure to help someone new to recovery maintain lasting sobriety and make safe choices when faced with relapse triggers. 

Attending regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings can help you continue many of the important benefits of rehab while you safely and comfortably transition back to your day-to-day life. The community environment gained as part of Narcotics Anonymous groups also helps ward off other challenges faced during early recovery, including isolation, by providing a group of like-minded peers who share the same sober mindset to turn to during challenging times. 

The History of Narcotics Anonymous Explained

As noted above, Narcotics Anonymous was developed out of Alcoholics Anonymous. The first Narcotics Anonymous meetings took place in Los Angeles, California, in the early 1950s. Similar to Alcoholics Anonymous,  Narcotics Anonymous began as a series of small organizations and within a matter of 30 developed a presence in more than a dozen countries with almost 3000 meetings regularly held around the world. Today you can find Narcotics Anonymous meetings in 144 countries with more than 70,000 weekly meetings. 

Narcotics Anonymous teachings and materials were derived directly from the teachings of Alcoholics Anonymous. The founders adopted the 12-steps to suit the recovery needs of participants by substituting the word alcohol with addiction to remove references to any specific substance. Narcotics Anonymous meetings have always been open to anyone regardless of their substance of choice. 

Recovery from addiction can be a challenging journey. For most, it is a road filled with setbacks along the way. Acknowledging a struggle with drugs or alcohol is the first step on your unique journey to sobriety. Seeking treatment at a professional addiction rehab like Concise Recovery is the safest and most effective way to ensure you develop the skills and tools needed to maintain lasting sobriety. As important as addiction treatment is, it is only the beginning. Lasting sobriety requires an ongoing commitment to physical, psychological, and spiritual wellness. Participating in a comprehensive aftercare program helps to ensure you have the guidance you need to successfully transition out of the therapy environment back. Most aftercare plans include peer support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous to comfort and structure your post-treatment plan. 

If you would like to learn more about how Narcotics Anonymous groups can help you continue developing and practicing vital relapse prevention skills learned during treatment, contact us at Concise Recovery today.