Holistic medicine and holistic healing are frequently associated with various aspects of disease treatment and ongoing health management. Many people do not consider holistic approaches as part of addiction treatment and recovery methods. Holistic addiction therapies are non-medicinal treatment models used in conjunction with evidence-based, traditional treatment practices. Holistic therapy aims to reconnect the mind, body, and spirit along the same plane. Addiction treatment centers using holistic models focus on the whole person while treating the physical and psychological symptoms of addiction. 

Addiction and the struggles each person faces as they work to overcome addiction are unique to the individual. No two people feel or live addiction in the same way, and therefore addiction treatment programs must be designed around the holistic needs of the individual seeking treatment. Programs at holistic recovery centers for addiction that address the whole person (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) are proven significantly more effective than programs that merely address only the addiction.

What Is a Holistic Recovery Center? 

A holistic recovery center focuses on personalized, non-medical models for addiction treatment and recovery period holistic therapies, and specially trained therapists are used to treat physical and mental addiction symptoms as well as emotional and nutritional difficulties often associated with addiction. The main objectives of holistic therapy include promoting physical fitness, increasing self-confidence, identifying and addressing the root causes of addiction, and reducing cravings and, therefore, the desire to use. 

Holistic recovery addresses various aspects of your overall health and well-being, ranging from meditation to exercise. Common examples of therapies you may find at a holistic recovery center include massage, acupuncture, exercise therapies, recreational therapies, nutritional therapies, and other self-care-focused therapy options. The most successful holistic recovery centers offer uniquely designed programs that combine traditional addiction treatment methods with holistic models to address your individual treatment needs and goals. This often includes medically assisted detox, medical and nutritional care, and individual and group mental health counseling using evidence-based therapy practices. 

Benefits of Getting Sober at a Holistic Recovery Center

Recovering from addiction requires a commitment to a journey that will have setbacks and bumps in the road. Those who achieve success on their journey are those who find peace and strength in connecting their mind, body, and spirit. Holistic recovery treats patients as a whole person to address all the elements needed to heal you, not your addiction. For some who seek addiction treatment, traditional treatment methods like group therapy or particular individual therapies may be intimidating or uncomfortable. Including alternative approaches as part of a comprehensive plan can make achieving sobriety and long-term recovery more accessible for everyone. 

Choosing addiction treatment is the first step toward recovery and a healthy future without the weight of addiction. With the help of the holistic addiction treatment programs at Concise Recovery, you will feel supported and guided throughout the addiction treatment process. Beginning with detox and continuing through aftercare, our highly trained addiction treatment professionals will work with you to create a comprehensive treatment program that integrates alternative therapies with long-trusted traditional addiction treatment models. 

Addiction is a disease unique to the individual. For this reason, it has been found that utilizing alternative treatment methods in conjunction with traditional therapy techniques provides a greater chance of overall treatment success. Most alternative treatment methods are not considered a substitute for traditional addiction treatment therapy. However, when alternative approaches are incorporated into a comprehensive treatment model, it helps ensure a more holistic treatment overall.

If you are ready to begin your journey towards overcoming addiction and would like to learn more about the benefits of getting sober at a holistic recovery center, contact us at Concise Recovery Center today.